Electric Bike Categories

Electric bikes and kits may be differentiated in several ways, such as by the Wattage of the electric drive system and how the power is activated and controlled by the rider:

A. Power.

Electric Bicycles Book

Electric Bicycles by David Henshaw and Richard Peace

Electric Bicycles covers extensively what anyone may want to know about this rapidly evolving bicycle category. The authors, David Henshaw and Richard Peace, reassuringly do know what they are writing about and tell it well. 2011. Available in our Seattle store. $27.

By law up to 750 Watt of power.

B. How power is applied and controlled by the rider:

1. Pedal Activated:

On the 'pedal activated' bike the rider engages the motor when pedaling. Here are the two ways this is accomplished, viz.:

Rotation sensing
The power system engages when it senses that the pedal crank arms rotate. All bikes listed here are 'dual mode' as well: iZip Metro, Path, Vibe & Zuma; eZee Expedir, Fantasticare, Forza, Forza EV, Quando, Sprint & Torq; eZee kits.

Torque sensing
This design senses torque, i.e. pedal pressure. The motor responds instantaneously and proportionally when you pedal: eFlow (dual mode), Giant Twist, iZip Ultra (dual mode), Stromer (dual mode), and BionX kits (dual mode).

2. Throttle operated:

The rider applies the power manually from the handle bar with a twist grip. All these bikes are dual mode as well , i.e. throttle plus pedal activation: eFlow; iZip Metro, Path, Vibe & Zuma; eZee Expedir, Fantasticare, Forza, Forza EV, Quando, Sprint & Torq; Stromer Elite. These kits are dual mode as well: BionX and eZee.

3. Dual Mode

Offers the rider the instant choice between throttle operation and pedal activation. All bikes and kits we currently offer are dual mode, except the Giant Twist, Stromer Platinum and the E-BikeKit.

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