Riding in the Rain

Gone again are Seattle's glorious, dry and sunny Fall days but must our riding be curtailed or even cease until Spring?

We 'year round' riders prove otherwise. And speaking for myself I am neither a rugged outdoors man nor did I grow up in North Dakota.

Had I lived most of my life here or in Southern California or Florida I'd claim that Seattle does have Winters. But if we come from where most Americans come from then we may rather ask ourselves: What Winter?!

Our climate is obviously mild and not particularly windy. The challenges of Winter thus remain the rain, shorter day light and bike handling on wet pavement.

In the 90's I spent a fair bit of time and energy on trying to evolve covered, light vehicles from electric motorcycles to pedal-only bicycles but found the trade offs too discouraging.

Shifting seasonally to driving a car or riding a bus may of course be an option but some of us would sorely miss at least the wind in our face, the exercise, solitude, and the freedom of setting our own schedule and routes.

Taking advantage of recent product advances the solution seems obvious:

  • Equipping the bike with lights and fenders: We offer LED light sets from $30 for those of us who need merely 'to be seen' where there is adequate street lighting, and sets from $169 by Light & Motion for those of who prefer to 'light up the wilderness' or 'spot every missing penny on the roadway'.
  • Appropriate clothing: We offer quality jacket, pants and booties sets from $180 by Showers Pass.

We are also here to share our experience relating to riding on wet pavement.

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