How Far On a Battery Charge?

'Range' is the distance an electric bike can travel on fully charged, fairly new and warm batteries.

Claims abound. While some may be accurate (stating the exact conditions under which a certain range is achieved), some estimates are accomplished under such rarefied test conditions as to render them irrelevant, others are too vague, overly enthusiastic or frankly demonstrably false.

"But what would", asks nevertheless on occasion a prospective customer, "be the range on average terrain by an average rider?"

There is no 'average' terrain: How steep is a steep hill? How strong the headwind? What road surface? What 'stop and go' and how twisting the road?

There is no 'average' rider: What's the weight of the rider plus e.g. groceries? How strong and fit are we? What constitutes agreeable pedaling? When do beads of perspiration start to appear on our individual brows? How fast is our riding fast? How well does the rider maintain his or her bike?

Range is unavoidably of course a function of the power draw or drain from the finite capacity battery. Everything being equal if you ride at 250 W you'll get twice as far as at 500 Watt. With a 15 Ah battery pack you'll get 50% farther than with a 10Ah pack. With a second identical battery you double your range.

If you share with us what level rider you are, what the terrain of a typical prospective ride may look like and your expectations we shall definitely be able to arrive at a reliable range estimate specifically for you.

Twice (close to) the Range

Giant Twist Freedom DX
Giant Twist

The Giant Twist Freedom DX model comes standard with a dual battery set up of 2x 9Ah = 18 Ah capacity. Our customers report a 'real world, in traffic' range of around 50 miles. What about the 75 mile range mentioned in Popular Mechanics? Sure, under the specified test conditions.

One third (at least) longer range

The eZee Sprint and Torq models are available with either a 10 Ah or 15 Ah battery.

eZee Sprint or Torq

Three time (almost) the range

The Sprint and Torq are optionally wired for a second flat battery on a custom, double shelved rear rack, i.e. offering either 20, 24 or 28 Ah total capacity.

Note: Range comparisons are made with the current industry single 10 Ah capacity Li-Ion battery as benchmark.

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