Motor Wattage and Performance

Many a rider seems comfortable pedaling somewhere between 50 and 100 Watt 'continuously' on a regular bike. 80 W of pedaling is miraculously all that's needed to glide along on level ground at 14 mph.

Few of us can but briefly maintain 20 mph on level ground for which 170 W of pedaling is needed.

Of course, the pedaling effort that propels us with such ease on level ground proves woefully inadequate uphill. While 170 W of pedaling will propel an average weight rider up a 'moderately steep' hill of 7%, he or she shall crest at only 5 mph. However in partnership with a stoic 250 W electric motor the same rider shall manage the same 7% hill at twice the speed, i.e. 10 mph—while exerting no more concurrent pedaling effort than a 'comfortable and enjoyable' 50 to 100 W!

On a 250 W electric bike even the leisure rider thus typically commands 300-350 W of combined motor and leg power. Excellent 250 W drive systems are found in the Giant Twist, iZip Vibe & Path, Kinetic Quando folder and one of the BionX kit models.

Pedaling leisurely concurrently with the motor on a 350 W electric bike thus commands the combined power of 400-450 W, i.e. the same level of power that only the world's bicycle road racing elite can pedal 'continuously' for perhaps an hour or so.

If you nevertheless aspire to even more power than what the world's bicycle racing elite is capable of pedaling continuously we offer the following 500-600 Watt 'pavement wrinkling' models: eFlow Nitro; iZip Metro, Ultra & Zuma; Kinetic Expedir, Forza, Sprint, Torq & kits; Stromer Elite & Platinum.

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