Rain Gear

Showers Pass Showers Pass cycling jacket

We carry rain gear by Showers Pass. Complete sets (jackets, pants & booties) from $180.


Solar Charging

Solar charger Solar charger

We carry Voltaics products. Shown here a $129 solar charger for multiple applications.


Advantage SportsRack

Advantage Advantage

We stock these well designed, sturdy and well priced bicycle racks for cars.

Batteries, Chargers, Spares & Accessories

A. Batteries in the complete case

Original manufacturers replacement Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion) 'energy sets' (i.e. battery in the complete case). Warranted by the original bike manufacturer:

  • BionX 25.9V/9.6Ah, $595
  • BionX 37V/9.6Ah $825
  • BionX 48.1V/8.8Ah, $950
  • BionX RR 37V/6.4Ah, $675
  • BionX RR 37V/9.6Ah, $900
  • BionX RR 48.1V/8.8Ah, $1,050
  • Giant Twist 24V/9Ah, $495
  • iZip E3 Metro & Ultra 36V/10Ah, $595
  • iZip Lento & Vibe upgrade 24V/6.4Ah, $400
  • iZip Lento & Vibe upgrade 24V/9.6Ah, $550
  • iZip Rapido 24V/9Ah, $550
  • iZip Urbano folder 24V/5Ah, $345
  • iZip Zuma 36V/11.4Ah, $800

SLA (Sealed Lead-Acid):

  • iZip Lento & Vibe 24V/10Ah, $130

B. Battery cells only

NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) cells, price includes installation in customer's case:

  • Giant Lite 24V/8Ah (original 6.5Ah), $425

SLA (Sealed Lead-Acid) cells in customer's case:

  • Giant LAfree Sport and Currie US Pro Drive. Takes two 12V/12Ah cells. Available from many battery vendors. Our price is $45 each.
  • iZip Lento & Trailz. Takes two 12V/10Ah cells. Available from many battery vendors. Our price is $40 each.

C. Chargers


  • Giant Twist 24V/2A, $175
  • iZip E3 Metro & Ultra 36V/4A $195
  • iZip Rapido, Urbano & Path 24V/2A, $195


  • Giant Lite & Panasonic folder 24V/1.9A, $155
  • Giant SuedeE and eZee 36V/2A, $95


  • iZip Lento, Vibe & US Pro Drive 24V/1.5Ah, $40

D. Spare parts

We carry a wide assortment of make/model specific spares for current electric and folding models as well 'generic' bicycle parts. Call or email us for price and availability.

E. Accessories

We offer a fair assortment of bicycle accessories. Contact us for price and availability.


We'll of course gladly spend the time and effort needed to assist the customer in selecting the correct parts and accessories. And if we have any reservations about your prospective purchase you have our promise that we'll speak up. In view of this we cannot accept the return of a product beyond what may be stipulated in the specific manufacturer's warranty.

The Cyclist's Electric Bike Shops Since 1996

We sell and service Human Power Augmented a.k.a. Electric bikes and ride them enthusiastically ourselves.

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5th Annual Electric and Folding Bike Rally

Northwest Electric and Folding Bike Rally
Saturday August 12th, 12pm-5pm. LIVE MUSIC!… Test ride electric bikes! More info.

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Powerful Front & Rear Lights

Light and Motion Light and Motion Light and Motion

We carry the highly accomplished Light & Motion lights from $99.


Relaj Water Bottle

Relaj water bottle

The new Relaj water bottle is now in stock in our Seattle store. $19.95


Overview 'at a glance' and Selection Guide

Check our Overview and Selection Guide for most of our bikes and kits.