DJ - The Owner & Senior Mechanic

DJ started working at Electric & Folding Bikes NW in 2010 and purchased the store in 2012. Previously employed as an auto mechanic for 15 years, he successfully translated those skills into electric bike service. He commutes 26 miles daily from West Seattle. In his free time DJ plays drums in a local Indie band.

Niko - Service & Sales

Niko is an experienced mechanic and an active bike rider. Before joining the Electric & Folding Bikes NW team, he worked on the Seattle Streetcar project as a technician, both on electrical and mechanical teams. He enjoys helping people with their bike issues and is quite knowledgeable in the dark arts of soldering. In his free time, he plays bass around town with various jazz bands.

Shane - Hired Gun

Shane is a man of many talents. He passionately owns and operates flyLo ltd., his own Design Art Build studio in Georgetown.  Here he puts his decades of architectural and real world shop experience into creating his masterful custom designed and built metal and art works. In his free time he lives the ‘Ride or Die’ philosophy of life.  After a morning of riding he arrives at the shop to put his decades of hands on experience to use. Giving customers the best possible ride experience is what he lives for while in the shop.