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$3,599.20 $4,499.00 20% Off
Our top-class beginner S-Pedelec with striking good design and reliable drive power for modern mobility and maximum performance.
Stromer ST2 Pinion A comfortable way to travel. The ST2 Pinion Launch Edition with exclusive Moon Grey, Dark Grey and Electric Green finish was developed to take you places comfortably, safely and dynamically. With the 6-speed gearbox from Pinion, Gates Carbon Belt Drive and individually adjustable stem, this model is your perfect commuting partner for your everyday life. Stromer OMNI connect – smartly connected to your ST2 Pinion. From the battery level to the location: The ST2 Pinion immediately informs you of all pertinent information via bike display and smartphone app.
The executive among the Speed Pedelecs. The ST5 with ABS as standard is now equipped in a new version with the Pinion Smart.Shift electronic shifting system, the Stromer sound module and a long mudguard for comfortable, dry feet. Everything under control no matter where you are. With Stromer OMNI Connect. Battery power, kilometers driven or the personal ride performance – the ST5 Pinion keeps you informed. Via the on-board computer or remotely on your smartphone.
The Stromer ST7 is the first speed pedelec globally, with Pinion's new Smart.Shift technology. Pinion Smart.Shift brings automotive driving dynamics to the E-bike. It combines the reliable and almost maintenance-free gearbox shifting technology with the advantages of pushbutton electric shifting. In control, whenever and wherever you are. With Stromer OMNI Connect. Your ST7 tells you everything you want to know: from how many kms you traveled together, your personal ride performance to the state of your bike and more… Your bike`s board computer and your app are fully connected. With integrated gear indicator of Pinion Smart.Shift.
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