When you first come into our shop to browse for an electric bike, if you haven’t done research on electric bikes, or if you read some articles, but still not sure what kind of electric bike you’d like to buy, our team member will ask you some questions to narrow down the options. Before we get into electric bike motors and battery sizes and torques and direct drive motor vs planetary geared hub motors, there are few very important basic things to know:

Know your riding position

One of first things we will ask first time customers, is very simple stuff:
What kind frame do you prefer - a low step or high frame?
What kind of riding position and handlebars do you like - cruiser style? Straight handlebars? Drop-down road style?
Before we get into electric part of the bike, what motor it has, how big is the battery and so on, it’s very important to know what kind of frame design and riding position you’re looking for.

Know how far you want to go on one charge

After we’ve determined the frame and handlebar style, next thing to know is how far do you want to go with motor assist before you have to recharge the battery. We sell bikes that are short range (up to 20 miles on one charge), we also have medium range bikes (up to 40-50 miles) and we have some long range bikes that can go up to 100 miles on one charge.
Most short range bikes that you’ll find in our shop are also super light weight. The bigger the range, bigger the battery and heavier the bike. Try to think about how you’d use your electric bike - for short commute that’s just 2 to 3 miles? Then maybe light weight bike will work for you.

Motors and Batteries
After we’ve determined the riding position and the range, we can start talking about the electric part of the bike - motor, battery. Generally there are 2 kinds of motors - mid drives and hub motors and they both work and feel different. For the first time rider, before we get into any technical aspects of motors and how they work on bikes, all you need to know is that mid-drive motor bikes feel more like you’re riding a bicycle and hub motor bikes have a more oomph to it. You can read more about motors and batteries in our motor types section in the menu and battery

Time to test ride!
After we’ve narrowed down the options for you, it’s time to test ride! Test rides are free in our shop and you can test ride any bike you want. No paperwork is needed, we just need your ID and you’re good to go. We normally allow 5 minute test ride around the block. We also have big parking lot where you can give it a quick spin. Test rides are very important and it’s also a good way of knowing the difference in the feel of mid drive vs hub drives.